About the Forum

Since 10 years we have been creating a solid platform for meetings of professionals, who wish to develop not only as lawyers but also as leaders and managers. Directors of Legal Departments as true sea gods can predict coming storms to warn and protect their departments and organizations. Era of rapid technological progress and dynamic legal changes poses new challenges demanding new skills.

Join the unique meeting of professionals leading compliance/ legal teams from the most dynamic companies on the Polish market.


Agnieszka Deeg-Tyburska

Agnieszka Deeg-Tyburska Legal Department Director GRUPA POLPHARMA

Anna Atanasow

Anna Atanasow General Counsel, Global Markets CCC

Eliza Iwaniszyn

Eliza Iwaniszyn Legal Department Director MARS

Karolina Sulma

Karolina Sulma Legal Department Director SKANSKA PROPERTY

Anna Werner

Anna Werner Director of the Sales Processes Legal Services Department SANTANDER BANK

Michał Leski PhD

Michał Leski PhD Advocate, Director of Legal and Corporate Governance Department Poczta Polska S.A.

Magdalena Żak

Magdalena Żak Legal Director for Poland and Baltics JOHNSON & JOHNSON

Katarzyna Rojek

Katarzyna Rojek Head Counsel OTCF


Over the decade, Forum gathered around:







Why should you join us?

  1. You will learn how to efficiently protect trade secret of a company, its intellectual property, as well as how to protect employees from discrimination

  2. You will learn about best practices of co-operation with law enforcement authorities, controlling authorities, board members and other departments

  3. You will learn how, through efficient management of yourself and the team, you can build your authority, increase standards and be the driving force of change in the company

  4. You will confront your daily practices with other directors of legal/compliance departments of biggest companies on the Polish market

  5. You will broaden your expertise in mediation and negotiation implementing various styles of communication

  6. You will participate in general market trend of deformalization of legal language


More information about the Forum
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Event Producer
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