26-27.02.2020, Warsaw


During the 10th anniversary edition our conference you will learn about:

Legal consulting in software development

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Whistle blower – help in early signalling, snitch, or the one who escapes under the protective umbrella of an organization?

Eliza Iwaniszyn Eliza Iwaniszyn, Legal Department Director, MARS

  • Snowden Polish style – or a few words about the position of a whistle blower
  • Whom to turn to with a problem?– means of a safe contact
  • Keeping up to date- when the whistle blower is a necessity

Lifting of the Labour Code instead of a revolution – what changes will be implemented in 2020 or what was implemented in 2019 and what are the consequences

Maria Pertek Maria Pertek, Legal Department Director, WORK SERVICE

  • The most important changes in the Labour Code, which were implemented in 2019 and their consequences for employees and employers
  • Crucial changes in the Labour Code planned for 2020 and their estimated consequences for employees and employers
  • Conclusions coming from changes – lifting instead of a promised revolution

Revision of Unfair Competition law – how to take care of company trade secret in accordance with the directive

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Co-operation with police in connection to the company’s brand protection

Katarzyna Rojek Katarzyna Rojek, Head Counsel, OTCF

  • Developing relation with law enforcement authorities
  • Building brand awareness among law enforcement authorities
  • Best practises of cooperation with law enforcement authorities

CASE STUDY GRUPA POLPHARMA. Role of the Legal Department in international transactions: M&A, Venture Capital i Assets Deal

Agnieszka Deeg-Tyburska Agnieszka Deeg-Tyburska, Legal Department Director, GRUPA POLPHARMA

  • VDR – creating and flow of documents
  • Ups and downs of working with legal, financial and business consultants
  • Due diligence and report – advantages and disadvantages of full and abbreviated version
  • Negotiation and implementation as seen by a practitioner

Enforcing the role of a counsel in an organization- how to break out of the stereotype of „ lawyer behind a closed door” and actively participate in the culture of a company and have a real impact on business decisions

Anna Werner Anna Werner, Director of the Sales Processes Legal Services Department, SANTANDER BANK

  • Role of a lawyer in an organization, lawyer as a business partner
  • Reaching business targets by the lawyer
  • Initiative and networking within the organization, developing business skills
  • Lawyer in the world of Agile

Legal Department as a driving force of increasing standards in the relations with employees and business partners

Karolina Sulma Karolina Sulma, Legal Department Director, SKANSKA PROPERTY

  • How to efficiently implement standards ( and not only standards) in an international corporation
  • How to ensure that such an implementation does not threaten business relations
  • How to convince our clients and co-workers to implement high standards not to impact the business in a negative way

Participation of an in-house lawyer in change management

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Remote management – key issues connected with management of legal counsels in dispersion

Michał Leski PhD Michał Leski PhD, Advocate, Director of Legal and Corporate Governance Department, Poczta Polska S.A.

  • What are the differences between an onsite team and a dispersed team?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a dispersed team
  • Communication with a team – how to work with a team in dispersion
  • Who is the boss- the role of Legal Department Director in the context of Act on Attorneys-at-law

How to effectively manage an intergenerational Compliance department to successfully protect your organization

Aleksandra Domańska-Suszek Aleksandra Domańska-Suszek, Director, Legal and Compliance Coordinator, TAURON CIEPŁO

  • Motivating different generations of employees, breaching motivation gaps and dealing with generation and communication barriers in a team
  • Adapting the language and style of a Compliance team to the needs and possibilities of an organization to reach its mission
  • Role of a leader in a Compliance team in developing partnership approach in employees, or their support in overcoming difficulties and retaining inner motivation

Balancing key leadership and management skills

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CASE STUDY: Cost leadership strategy or how to increase effectiveness of activities with the same or decreased resources?

Anna Atanasow Anna Atanasow, General Counsel, Global Markets, CCC

  • Knowledge of management- psychology- consulting- law as key elements of a management strategy – ability to delegate tasks
  • Reducing the role of an expert to turn it into leadership role
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cost leadership in a legal department